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To list your property For Sale By Owner (FSBO) on this website for free, you must first register here. The site is not limited for FSBO`s only so real estate agents (REALTORS ©) can register and submit their listing as well. Those looking to buy a house can sign-up to receive additional features.

Start by selecting what you want to register as: Owner, Realtor/Agent, Buyer, or Other (for applications where other categories wouldn`t apply to you).

Fill in your personal information (name, email address, and telephone number) and make sure it is accurate. Please check twice that your email address is a real email address as it will be used to confirm your user registration. Inaccurate or missing information could lead to your account being terminated.

Create a memorable unique login name to identify yourself with. Create a password that you can remember, but is not easy to guess (add capitalized letter and numbers).

Copy the security code exactly and then click submit.

You should receive an automated email to validate your user registration with us. Click the link to be directed to where you can now login and browse listings, contact owners, or create your own FSBO house advertisement absolutely free.

Please note that due to the nature of the our relay system for sending emails there are times when registration emails may take longer to send.

If you do not receive an e-mail confirming your registration, please check your junk mail and spam filter for an e-mail from [email protected] If you do not find it in either place, you will need to go back into your registration screen online to verify that you have entered a valid e-mail address.

Create and Edit Listing

After logging into your account, you will then be able to create a new listing by clicking Add Listing. Moving from there, you will see the submission form for your listing. Start by filling out the address for the house for sale by owner. Add personal contact information so others interested in the property can contact you.

When that is finished, fill in the information about the house (year built, asking price, square footage, etc.). Add a description to add more information about the house or more contact information that could not be listed in other sections. Click the checkboxes for features that the house for sale by owner has.

There is an option to link to a video tour of the house. Several options can be used to upload a video, but YouTube seems to be the most popular option. Upload an image of the property directly to us by clicking browse, searching your computer for the image you would like to load, and opening it.

You can then click submit to finalize the process.

To edit any previous listings, whether you have to add an image or a feature you forgot, you can log into your account and view your listings. To the right you can click, Edit next to any listing you made to make the proper changes. If you want to delete a listing, click delete next to the submit button near the bottom.

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