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Land for Sale in Thermal, CA 92274 
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For Sale By Owner - California Homes for Sale - Riverside County - 92274 - Thermal

Acreage/Land in Thermal

For Sale by Owner
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Acreage/Land for Sale in Thermal, CA 92274
Asking Price USD 4,450
Property Type Acreage/Land
Year Built 0000

Property Address :
SEC 33 Thermal,
Thermal, California 92274

Riverside County

Seller information:
Name : Beycome Fsbo
Phone: 84423XXXXX <- click to show
Alt Phone: 8442392663

Bedrooms: None
Bathrooms: None
Floors : 1
Garage Size: None
Size : 435600 sq. feet

Land For Sale By Owner FSBO, SEC 33 Thermal, CA 92274
Property Description:
Land For Sale By Owner FSBO in , : This 10 acre parcel is about 4 miles from the Salton Sea in Imperial County, CA. Due to the Open Space Zoning of this land it has multiple uses and is a great investment, especially for this price The zoning allows for the following usesThe following uses are allowed in the S-2 Zonea Accessory agricultural buildings, structures and uses including farm buildings, housing of agriculturalproduct, garages and implementation shelters, provided no livestock or any building or enclosureused in connection with livestock shall be closer than 100 feet to the property lines. not allowedwithin ONCAPb All permitted uses in S-1 zone under 90518.01 except for mobile home andor RV parkc Apiariesd Keeping of poultry, or similar small animals.e Pasturing and grazing, provided however, that it shall not exceed one large animal horse, mule, cow,etc. or five medium size animal hogs, goat, sheep for each acre of the area of the parcel of landupon which the same are kept, except the temporary pasturing of livestock to feed on vegetablemanner grown on said premises made be permitted. The feeding of garbage cooked or raw,produce, or import materials shall be strictly prohibited. not allowed with ONCAPf Public buildingsg Residence, one per legal parcel.h Solar energy extraction generation provided that it is for on-site consumption only.i Stands for the sale of agricultural, horticultural, or farming products grown on the premises.j Storage of agricultural products.k Storage of products used for premises.l Home Occupation per Division 4, Chapter 4 home occupation permit required Property ID: 9524.
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Submission Date: 12-07-2017